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Pep Loans

This will give you a brief overview of what Capfin offers in terms of loans, through Pep. You can apply for a loan of up to R10 000 by visiting your nearest Pep Store. All you have to do is to visit a Pep store and provide your Identity document to apply and you will receive notification once you are approved.

Any company that is constantly looking to improve their service offering, we salute and we can honestly say that they have made the list of companies that have expanding the product offering, to offer loans to their consumers. When I first heard that Pep was going to start offering loans, it sounded like a weird concept, but the easy of application makes it such a perfect match. Clients, who want to borrow money through Pep, can do so by simply visiting a branch and apply in store for a loan with Capfin.

Capfin and Pep have really made this so simple and with the great success rate, they will continue to grow as more and more consumers apply for loans via a branch. Allot of the consumers do not have internet access and thus the online world has no draw card on them and for these consumers, Pep will remain and easy and effective way to apply for a loan.

We can really rate the company as one of the most innovation companies in the clothing sector and with constant challenges being faced through new chain stores and a slow economy, the need to expand and think of new ways of generating income has increased and Pep loans has embraced that and started a brand new channel of income. Not only for the company as such, but also providing a valuable service to consumers in need and this with the win-win scenario, we can just wish them all of the best in the coming years.

For anyone looking for a loan, be sure to look at Pep Loans. They truly offer amazing service and a great loan product.

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