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Capitec Loans

We have decided to write a brief overview of Capitec Loans for all our readers, since the demand for this information have been requested by a few users and as always, we are here to help.

Capitec is certainly on the banks in South Africa, that keep on impressing me over and over again and with their personal loans, they have certainly kept up to pace regarding service offering.

Capitec loans basically consist of personal loans up to R220 000 and the repayment terms vary from 1 month to 84 months.

The amount you can borrow will depend on your affordability and available credit score. For anyone looking for a personal loan, be sure to look at Capitec loans, since we had allot of great feedback regarding their service and product offering.

Capitec in our opinion is one of the better performing banks in South Africa and with their constant coverage on television and radio, more and more people are considering moving to them for their loan requirements. With 100,000 new costumers every month, they are growing at a very fast pace and in the next couple of years, Capitec is sure to be one of the big players in the South Africa loan industry.

Their very informative and user friendly website, makes it easy to navigate through and you will be able to view all the information on loan requirements as well as the various amounts they offer in terms of loans.

We are constantly looking at new companies and we will continuously add new information on Capitec in the coming months, so be sure to check in weekly for the latest news on the loans they offer. They will always be one of our favourite financial institutions, since they started not long ago and with innovative ideas and product offerings, they have managed to capture a large portion of the South African market. So we would like to congratulate them with the success so far and wish them all of the best going forward.

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