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Top 5 Offers in South Africa

There are currently quite allot of companies operating in South Africa, that offer short term loans. Some of them have been around for quite a few years and others have started in the last few years.

The need in South Africa for loans have grown tremendously, due to the fact the debt is starting to rise and more and more people rely on short term loans to get by monthly.

We strongly advise anyone who is in debt to rather look at debt review as a solution to currently problems, that loans to help with your debt.

You should only take out a short term loan, if you are able to repay the loan, within the specified period.

So, let’s look at what top 5 companies currently offer short term loans:

2.Get Bucks
3.Wanna Loan
4.Cobol Loans
5.Boodle Loans

These are the Top 5 Offers in South Africa and we will update this list and continue to bring you the latest news and reviews.

Each of these companies offer short term loans to consumers and please visit each of their websites, to view their terms and conditions as well interest rates and administration fees that will be applicable when taking out the loan.

Offer Update (2017)

We have received allot of requests related to people looking for short term loans in South Africa, so we decided to outline the best offers available in 2017.

There are various short term loans companies these days in South Africa and herewith more of the well-known companies offering loans:

  1. Wonga Loans
  2. Get Bucks
  3. Wanna Loans
  4. Cobol Loans

These companies offer various interest rates related to their loan products, so be sure to find out exactly what fees are involved and what you interest amount will be, before you apply online.

There are various loan companies these days operating in South Africa and we will be examining and reviewing them in the coming months.

Be sure to check back soon, to get all the latest news and reviews on these companies.

Short Term Loans (South Africa)

Short term loans offer people insight into the loan industry provide links to only the best loan companies in South Africa. We decided to create this websites due to the need to advise people about loans and which companies they can trust and apply for a loan online for.

Currently there are only a few companies that we recommend and they are Boodle and African Bank Loans. Both of them offer different products, but both deserve a mention since they have been around for quite a while and continue to grow each year due to their successes. Their online presence is also a valuable part of their business and they offer competitive rates and great websites for people to apply online with and to gather all the important information they require before applying for a loan.

On this site, you will find loads of links, reviews and articles and be sure to watch this space for new articles being added almost daily.

The term short term loans basically refers to loons being offered to people on a short term basis, meaning that the loan needs to be paid back with a definite short term repayment period. Short term loans are becoming more and more popular since people over the last year or so have really struggled to pay everything with the rising costs of fuel, food and electricity.

These loans offer people who require funds quickly, the opportunity to get a loan and then repay the loan very quickly, usually within a month or two. On this website we do offer a few short term loan companies and please feel free to look at each of them in detail and determine for yourself who you want to sign up with for a loan.

Another company that we would like to tell you more about is Wonga, that also offers a great short term loan option and you can apply online with their easy to use website for a loan up to R3000. They have become the market leaders in terms of short term loans in South Africa and you will find the best service and backup at Wonga, so be sure to have a look at them when applying for you loan.

With more and more companies to the foreground promoting short term loans, the product offerings will continue to improve and be sure to check in regularly to find the best deals online.

African Bank Loans

African bank is currently the largest lender of loans in South Africa and offer a variety of products to their clients.

African Bank have made quite a few short term loans up to R12 000, as well as larger long term loans up to R180 000, available for their customers to apply for. They offer very reasonable interest rates in regards to their short term loans and that is exactly why they have grown so quickly in the loan market.

We have also recently heard that in regards to your repayment, you can choose if they should deduct it off your salary or bank account, which gives you the flexibility to decide what is going to work best for you.

Always remember when applying for a personal loan, be sure that you can afford to repay your loan and did not get a personal loan just for additional spending on a holiday or something in that regard. If you do need additional funds that month due a needed additional expense, do apply, but be sure you can fit in into your monthly budget.

When looking for a loan, be sure to look at African Bank Loans for your personal requirements.

Although African bank has gone through a few changes over the last year, due to internal issues, they still remain a viable option and can surely look at them in greater detail. We always strive to provide a fair review of a company and be sure to check back weekly for new and exciting reviews.

We would also like to thank everyone for all the support over the last few years and we are constantly trying to improve the website, to make sure that you receive the best information and news related to companies in the loan industry. Be sure to contact us with any companies that you would like us to review in the coming months. Please feel free to browse through our website and enjoy all the interesting articles on personal short term loans.

Boodle Short Term Loans

Boodle loans has recently been making allot of positive waves in the loan industry and this is due to the fact that they offer great service and very reasonable interest rate son their short term loans.

These days in the short term loans market it is all about service and offering people flexibility and online accessibility to apply for the personal loans, they require now. Boodle loans has become of the leading instant loans companies in South Africa and they continue to grow and expand their client base every month.

Boodle is great for anyone looking for a loan to help them with an unexpected expense and have the financial backup to repay the loan the following month.

Boodle offers anyone to apply online for a loan up to R2500 and you can choose to repay that loan anytime within the following 37 days. You can also complete the application form within 5 minutes and there are no documents required. They truly offer instant loans, anywhere anytime and they have our vote if you are looking for a short term loan and require instant cash.

We are always trying to give a fair review of each company we look at in finer detail and we hope you enjoyed our review of Boodle short term loans. As they continue to grow, we are sure that we will be hearing allot more from them and with their ever expanding online presence; more and more people are starting to take notice of them.

The catchy name also makes it very easy to remember and with the same product offering as other companies like Wonga etc., they will continue to grow and provide a valuable product to the South African market.

Be sure to check their website for all the latest news and updates on the product offerings and with their very informative website, you can enjoy all the features and information they have to offer.

Wonga Short Term Loans

There have been quite allot of debate over whom claims the title as the best short term loan company in South Africa. There are a few short term loan companies competing for the tile, but we have reviewed quite a few and decided from our point of view that Wonga short term loans is the best currently in the country.

Wonga short term loans has been around and offer great short term loan options for people. You can apply online for loans up to R3000 and this offers people the opportunity to get a small loan without breaking the bank and be able to repay the loan very quickly.

What makes Wonga the best short term loan company is the fact that despite their amazing website, they offer great service and transparency in terms of your interest and fees, by displaying them online before you apply for the loan.

This in itself gives people the ease of mind to be sure that there are no unexpected fees and you can rest assured that your loan is in safe hands and you can repay on the date you requested. Wonga will continue to grow and we salute you for being the best, well done.

Please note due to legislation, it now required that you cannot provide loans without receiving certain documents, so they no longer offer loans with any documents required. This was implemented to protect consumers and make sure that consumer is able to repay the loan and that the company have all the relevant information from the client.

The best feature about Wonga is that they are always able to adapt and to stay within the legislation, so this has caused them to only be a more reputable company in the loan industry and will continue to serve South African clients for many more years to come.

Capitec Loans

We have decided to write a brief overview of Capitec Loans for all our readers, since the demand for this information have been requested by a few users and as always, we are here to help.

Capitec is certainly on the banks in South Africa, that keep on impressing me over and over again and with their personal loans, they have certainly kept up to pace regarding service offering.

Capitec loans basically consist of personal loans up to R220 000 and the repayment terms vary from 1 month to 84 months.

The amount you can borrow will depend on your affordability and available credit score. For anyone looking for a personal loan, be sure to look at Capitec loans, since we had allot of great feedback regarding their service and product offering.

Capitec in our opinion is one of the better performing banks in South Africa and with their constant coverage on television and radio, more and more people are considering moving to them for their loan requirements.

With 100,000 new costumers every month, they are growing at a very fast pace and in the next couple of years, Capitec is sure to be one of the big players in the South Africa loan industry.

Their very informative and user friendly website, makes it easy to navigate through and you will be able to view all the information on loan requirements as well as the various amounts they offer in terms of loans.

We are constantly looking at new companies and we will continuously add new information on Capitec in the coming months, so be sure to check in weekly for the latest news on the loans they offer. They will always be one of our favourite financial institutions, since they started not long ago and with innovative ideas and product offerings, they have managed to capture a large portion of the South African market. So we would like to congratulate them with the success so far and wish them all of the best going forward.

Pep Loans

This will give you a brief overview of what Capfin offers in terms of loans, through Pep. You can apply for a loan of up to R10 000 by visiting your nearest Pep Store. All you have to do is to visit a Pep store and provide your Identity document to apply and you will receive notification once you are approved.

Any company that is constantly looking to improve their service offering, we salute and we can honestly say that they have made the list of companies that have expanding the product offering, to offer loans to their consumers. When I first heard that Pep was going to start offering loans, it sounded like a weird concept, but the easy of application makes it such a perfect match. Clients, who want to borrow money through Pep, can do so by simply visiting a branch and apply in store for a loan with Capfin.

Capfin and Pep have really made this so simple and with the great success rate, they will continue to grow as more and more consumers apply for loans via a branch. Allot of the consumers do not have internet access and thus the online world has no draw card on them and for these consumers, Pep will remain and easy and effective way to apply for a loan.

We can really rate the company as one of the most innovation companies in the clothing sector and with constant challenges being faced through new chain stores and a slow economy, the need to expand and think of new ways of generating income has increased and Pep loans has embraced that and started a brand new channel of income. Not only for the company as such, but also providing a valuable service to consumers in need and this with the win-win scenario, we can just wish them all of the best in the coming years.

For anyone looking for a loan, be sure to look at Pep Loans. They truly offer amazing service and a great loan product.

Direct Axis Loans

We have been receiving allot of enquiries about Direct Axis Loans and people want to know more about this great company. They offer loans of up to R150 000 and you can use their loan calculator to determine how much you qualify for, in terms of a loan.

Direct Axis Loans is currently one of the well-known loan companies in South Africa and offer truly great service and product options. In addition to the loan, they also have a variety of other financial options available, that you can inquire about.

Direct Axis have been one the most constantly and longest running loan providers I can remember. With their innovative marketing options, that include direct marketing they have managed to capture an audience that was untapped for many years. With the online revolution, they have also come on-board and people are now able to apply online via their website and with their very informative website, people can read all about the loan offerings and repayment terms and conditions.

If you do feel that you want to send them an enquiry, be sure to visit their website and simply complete the online form and they will get back to you as soon as possible. The easy of application is one of their best features online and as they grow, they are constantly adding new features to their website, to improve the user experience and make it as easy as possible for potential client to apply online.

For anyone looking for a loan, be sure to look at Direct Axis, since we can highly recommend them. We will be following the progress closely in the coming months and be sure to check in weekly for all the latest news and updates on the loan offerings and news from the Direct Axis corner.