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Short Term Loans

Short term loans offer people insight into the loan industry provide links to only the best loan companies in South Africa. We decided to create this websites due to the need to advise people about short term loans and which companies they can trust and apply for a loan online for.

Please read through terms and coniditons before applying for an instant loan.

Please note that this company do charge a fee for their service.

Currently there are only a few companies that we recommend and they are Boodle and African Bank Loans. Both of them offer different products, but both deserve a mention since they have been around for quite a while and continue to grow each year due to their successes. Their online presence is also a valuable part of their business and they offer competitive rates and great websites for people to apply online with and to gather all the important information they require before applying for a short term loan.

On this site, you will find loads of links, reviews and articles and be sure to watch this space for new articles being added almost daily.

The term short term loans basically refers to loons being offered to people on a short term basis, meaning that the loan needs to be paid back with a definite short term repayment period. Short term loans are becoming more and more popular since people over the last year or so have really struggled to pay everything with the rising costs of fuel, food and electricity.

Short term loans offers people who require funds quickly, the opportunity to get a loan and then repay the loan very quickly, usually within a month or two. On this website we do offer a few short term loan companies and please feel free to look at each of them in detail and determine for yourself who you want to sign up with for a Short term loan.

Short term loans offers people the opportunity to get access to quick funds, but please be sure to not get a short term loan to simply substitute payments that you already can't make.

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